Welcome - A Name to Know in Bali!

An ‘Insiders’ Guide to the Best in Bali for PERSONAL SHOPPING AND SOURCING SERVICES

I write a regular article called Retail Therapy for the popular newspaper Bali Advertiser covering all product categories and retail stores. i.e. men's, women's & kids clothing, designer and silver jewelry, suggest hair, beauty salons & anti-aging clinics, home interiors, rustic & contemporary furniture, artworks & quality handcrafted product created by Bali artisans.

From an extensive career in retail it seemed perfectly natural to set up a personal shopping service offering 'insider' knowledge on 'where to find' for the discerning shopper, along with styling services if you wish....

I have made it easier for you to target your choice of shopping trip, check out my website, Shopping in Bali, choose your trip and send me a note via the Contact Me page.

There is no doubt that visitors to Bali can be overwhelmed by the choice of stores on offer, there are literally hundreds!
Retail shopping in the south has grown far & wide, and for the many new visitors to the isle it can be a daunting exercise!
this is where the shopping service comes into it's own, assisting you to find product you want, all in one day!

Visitors often have limited time, perhaps just one day, if this is the case leave partner & children at poolside so you can shop at a more leisurely pace!

I can assure you a day out on the shopping trail with me will be like going shopping with your best friend, it will be worthwhile & loads of fun too.

Start writing your shopping 'wish list' now!