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Anna Michielan creates Special Pieces of Jewelry, it’s her Passion, her Life!

Christmas is well on it’s way and if its inspiration for Christmas gifts then look no further than inside Anna Michielan’s exquisite jewel-box cum showroom.

Now, this is no ordinary jewelry showroom either, it’s a space where Anna and her devoted team gather each morning to handle, recite incantations & bless the many semi-precious stones, most of which are fashioned into gorgeous jewelry pieces!
Anna actually channels her healing vibes to her jewelry collection through her own spiritual practice & meditation, where she then receives the blessing & benefits of the crystals herself and shares this gift with others.

Why are Anna’s jewels so special, I believe she and her team treat the jewels in a very special way, the stones & jewelry are created with passion & love, for their beauty and for the joy which in turn creates positive change. Did you know that semi-precious stones can be used to assist to heal, to protect and transform energy…

Do study Anna’s website, you’ll see excellent sections for your reference, not only on the many semi-precious stones but on a Chakra Chart & Crystal Properties.

The cabinets provide the backdrop for these beautiful semi-precious stones, set in unique, antique & delicate settings. Earrings & rings, Bracelets & neckpieces, Mala beads & more. The semi-precious jewelry is displayed in shades of color; could be the rose, pink & reds, maybe various hues of green, a delicious palette of aqua, blue & turquoise, there are so many more colors of choice.

On meeting Anna or a team member in the showroom (after some questions to you & feelings of their intuition) it’s a fascinating process to be led to one of the cabinets, guided by perhaps your love of a particular color, that holds a selection of captivating jewelry. You begin to try on a few special pieces & it won’t be long when you are totally engrossed, this has to be one of the best experiences in a personal jewelry consultation. I feel sure you’ll find a piece of jewelry that you are passionate about, I know I did!

Anna Michielan
Jl. Mertanadi 69, Kerobokan
(this Rd is off Sunset Rd, Seminyak)
T: +62 82146194475
T: +62 361 3351064