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The Tailored Store for Homewares. add modern style handicraft to your abode, rattan, raffia, basket ware, rugs, cushion covers.

Leather has always been a big hit in Bali, especially for good quality leather jackets, boots, footwear & accessories. Bali always had leather shops, but well, the offer didn’t quite feature the fashion look of the day, the leather was usually too thick & heavy & the styles were old fashioned. But as the years have passed, there’s now some excellent leather stores where the styles are spot on, here’s a rundown on one of the favorite’s on the fashionista scene. The Bali Tailor.

The Bali Tailor is ‘right out there’ Instagram is the way to go, everyone seems to know about this shop full of luscious product all waiting to be be crafted or purchased on the spot!
The staff team here knows exactly what their customer wants, many seek the latest jacket style, perhaps a variation on the style like a longer line, a different sleeve, less studs, more zips. They want the softest leather, the right shade of color, otherwise black or brown, everyone knows this handcrafted personalized jacket is going to last a lifetime!

There’s more! the customer spots the perfect crossover bag, perhaps some boots to match.
Again measurements are taken, leather & color swatches considered & a quick tally up of the overall cost. The customer thinks it’s all affordable, certainly better than back home, how about
they go for broke & buy a few extra items? a new wallet, an iPad cover!

And there’s a cool selection of fresh linens & cottons hanging on the rack…. the temptation is too great at The Bali Tailor store!

If you can’t get to The Bali Tailor store, the Manager of the shop will organize a visit to your villa or hotel & measure you up to get the correct sizing. If there’s a small group of you then fine, just a matter of waiting your turn but the team are quick!

And, if you haven’t had the time to get back to collect your loot, the Manager will organise a staff member to meet you at the airport, how good is this!! a truly personalized service for all your purchases that are made to order,

Then along came The Tailored Store just across the road. Here lies all manner of beautiful homewares, clothing, lifestyle and interiors like basket ware, rattan floor mats, textiles to drape over a chair or hang on the wall, feathers & decorative cushion covers plus more.

And by the way, the good news is, The Bali Tailor is opening a second store in Canggu!

The Bali Tailor
Jl Beraban 67
T: (+62) 817-9703-408