Bali Brahma

doing business in bali, if you follow what a genuine agent recommends then you shouldn't get into any hot water!
plenty do though!!

One hears of any number of people that want to set up a business in Bali or other South East Asian countries only to fall into the countless traps of not having done enough homework on the areas they need to know about setting up business in a foreign country.
Besides, it’s infinitely better to engage a professional company to do the work for you, such as Bali Brahma Consultants who have been working in this area for many years and have a clear understanding of what is required, to start a successful business venture.

Their service includes:
·         Finding a location for the business to operate
·         Due Diligence of the property or building
·         Set up a CV, PT Company for the westerner to enjoy their investment.
·         The appropriate licenses for the business
·         Assist with staff recruitment, renovations, fit-out, purchase of appliances etc
·         Referrals for third parties re tax agents & suppliers etc
·         Referrals for Visa & Kitas

Bali Brahma provide their clients with a One Stop Solution so the client does not have to waste time going from one place to another & still feel confused at the end!
This professional company will provide clients with their experience & guidance through all facets of the process that is required in Indonesia. Additionally, Bali Brahma are based in Bali, so clients can return home, relax & receive weekly progress reports from the local & western team in Bali.

Bali Brahma will Project Manage your Business Start-Up in a timely manner & finally, provide you with a turn-key solution in order that you are ready to commence business!

T: +62 8579 2840 449