Happy New Year 2018 everyone!

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After a bad fall mid 2017 I came back to Sydney for treatment. While waiting time out, the volcano that had been dormant for approx 50 yrs
woke up, and even to this date, the situation is not 100% clear..... tourisim has sadly gone down, many visitors to Bali have changed their travel plans and
going elsewhere..... the Balinese are suffering in their thousands having been reliant on tourist dollars..... there is still possibilities that it could erupt.
Consequently at this stage, I figured there was no great reason to rush back to Bali and am waiting on the sidelines.... watching and waiting.....

However, decided that it was timely to review my work in Bali, how I can improve what I have worked hard for and what can I do to inject some new ideas......have been engrossed in doing loads of research in some areas of business that will prove to be of major interest to my overall client base
and to attract new clients.....