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Interior Styling Service

To view the many interior magazines and websites today is vast, it can be totally overwhelming and cloud one’s mind.

Some people know instinctively what goes with what (just like putting a fashion outfit together) however, there are lots of folk that feel nervous at the mere thought of ‘where does one start’ and a wrong decision may mean a costly mistake!

Despite the uncertainties, interior styling these days is of real interest and the best way to begin is to consider a personal shopping trip around town, looking purely at what is on offer, from the many styles of furniture and decorative pieces.

As the consummate retailer and writer of retail product I am tuned into where all the relevant suppliers/artisans and producers are located which makes for a very good start. Not only buying product direct from a store/supplier but developing your own product can be extremely satisfying for your own creativity, be it your home, an apartment, perhaps the interior of a boat.

I can assure you that this is definitely an exciting activity when you get involved, so cut to the chase and reward yourself with the best product for your space. All you need to do is enlist my one-on-one decorating & styling service and away we go!

From a variety of furniture pieces, soft furnishings in color combos to suit and then to discover unique objets that you can’t live without - will launch you on the path to the creation of your own personal world of home interiors.

Think about the following words and choose some that express your style - Antique, Classic, Luxury, Traditional, Tropical, Bohemian, Tribal, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Modern.

Now, let’s discuss the possibilities…..