A Heritage property full of furniture and interior product that was sourced in Bali

sourcing in Bali, heritage property in Melbourne countryside, unique furniture, stunning interior product
Happy New Year 2017 to one and all,
This Heritage property is the one I worked on with two clients from Melbourne, (the Eaglehawk Hotel, Victoria) For Melbourne clients this may be of particular interest to you and friends, the property is set in the Heritage township of Maldon…..
All the products you see was sourced in Bali from a myriad of producers/artisans/suppliers that I knew or found.
It was an energetic two weeks of work, loads of fun and laughs and certainly learned a lot & more through this exercise….and as usual, I regularly find new and exciting artisans so life is never dull….
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For some, you may consider taking on the property for some days in the country and for others you too may consider coming to Bali for a 'big shop’ for your current property or perhaps you just might be buying a property and want to fill it up with an assortment of furniture and interior product.