Artisans in Bali for not only handicraft but amazing furniture and objects that need to be worked on....

Artisans, high quality,good price tags that everyone wants, carpentry of beds, buffet and individual chairs,
And finally in my next post will load some images of product that clients had produced in Bali by a small raft of Artisans, not Java where many go to the factories but right here..... be it some honest to goodness carpentry of beds, buffets, chairs and more, to upholstered sofas and individual chairs that are super smart with a price tag that is considerably lower. It's all about knowing where the best Artisans are located, who thrive on doing good work, that are honest and not too slow, who won't let you down... it's all to do with ones relationship with these Artisans, that assist in delivering high end quality goods to you back home!