Come fly to Bali for some Christmas Shopping!

christmas shopping, new wardrobe of clothes for summer and christmas, a new look for your home, best retailers and people that source product. memory contacts for both casual shoppers to high end people that want the best product at a good price.
Just thinking the airfares are particularly good at this time to visit Bali.... why not investigate coming up for a long weekend (Perth visitors) or a 5 day package for others...... early Christmas shopping, a chance to chill before the December craziness begins back home, or some serious spending on a new wardrobe of clothes for the coming summer months for the Aussies or perhaps a new fresh look to tart up your home..... I have all the answers, knowing all the best retailers and suppliers you can tap into my memory contacts and we can source together the newest, the latest from a raft of suppliers and retailers.....