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Melbourne ladies love shopping!

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Trying out new style all weather sun loungers, will they buy?!
Have been on a holiday, not really, giving my brain a rest, no deadlines! after 11 years every two weeks to write a column, needed a real break....
However, new ideas on the way, just wanted to say I haven't disappeared and will get back 'into' my writing little by little.
Have had some great shopping clients but forgot to take their photos?! (obviously I needed a break, what no photos!)
but all in all, everyone does enjoy themselves (as I do) and seem to buy what is on their wish list...
Here are some happy ladies from Melbourne, one who did buy up big (won't write her name, she may get a tad embarrassed!)
but we had lots of fun prowling around, up and down side streets, in search of more trinkets....