My Bali Holiday Blog - an excerpt from Natalee Alford, Western Australia, September, 2011

homewares and furniture in bali, rustic to modern, plenty of dresses, casual clothes to find, casual cafes for lunch, retail therapy in Bali is fun
"Marilyn arrived at the villa at 9.30am as promised and we had a introductions and a quick chat before heading off in a car and driver that she had arranged.  My mum had bought some material from home that she wanted some pants made from so the first stop was a tailor ?We then hit the streets to shop! 
Firstly we went to a little boutique of which I can’t remember the name or which street!  It was owned by an Australian lady.  She stocks all the left over stock from boutiques in Bali and sells it at cheap prices.  She has a large stock but you cannot get all sizes and colours in each range.  My sister bought a few things here and I bought some solid silver heart shaped earrings.
We then went to a great homewares store.  I bought some nice cushions, and nick nacks, a large shell bowl - cushions – dragonfly door stop – silver ornamental dragonflies, plus sambal tray, bowls and spoons –
Next we went to a great boutique where we all bought some lovely clothes, some good quality ¾ length black linen pants and a casual, light-weight shirt.
Just a couple of doors down a Japanese owned boutique with some gorgeous clothes.  I bought two dresses here – both are just stunning.  Honestly, I could have spent my whole budget in here, a tad expensive but good quality.
We went to another couple of shops and then stopped for lunch at  a popular east/west restaurant. Marilyn had booked us a table right at the front.  There were a lot of expats here and Marilyn seemed to know almost everyone.  She introduced us to the owners, who were both very gracious and welcoming.  We had a lovely lunch and I was once again surprised at the cheap prices for good quality food.  After lunch we headed to a couple of shoe shops in Seminyak and to a small market where Marilyn was a pro at bartering for a copy bag and wallet.
We then went to a boutique on Jl. Raya Kesambi which is owned by a Melbourne woman.  We all bought shoes here. 
Marilyn also said she would take us to a material shop.  Mum is a good dressmaker so she was looking forward to this. All in all a wonderful day out with Marilyn"