Robyn Brand, Bali, Indonesia, 2009

A newcomer to Bali, need to know where all the best places are for shopping, services, beauty, schools, restaurants and more, best orientation day I experienced with Marilyn,
An Orientation Day with Marilyn

I had arrived in Bali not really knowing anyone or anything, but I had meet a lady by the name of Marilyn a few years back who was now living here, had heard she was working on orientation days for ex-pats who had just arrived on the island, which I thought was a fantastic idea especially for a newcomer like me.
So I contacted Marilyn and arranged for my big day out.
We meet at 10.00 for a coffee and then set off for what ended up an amazing day. I had originally sent her by email what I wanted to know, and during the course of the day, we covered all contacts, and apart from that, she gave me some excellent introductions to various people that a newcomer like myself would need.
I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to ‘hit the ground running’.