Kay Douglas, Sydney Australia, 2008

Personal Shopping with Marilyn, Personal Sourcing Services, fashion, jewellery, furniture, interiors, one stop shopping in Bali
A Day out Shopping with Marilyn!

I have landed in Bali with scarcely an idea on what the lovely isle had to offer, except it’s often referred to as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Indonesian Archipelago and known for its
Bali Chic!

Picked up a business card that stated,
Personal Shopping Service, that’s just what I need…..someone to take me around and show me where I can buy my favourite things.

So, I made contact with Marilyn, who excitedly explains all about her personal shopping service, where we can go, what to do ……

All sounds good to me, I like the idea of someone taking me around, feel that I am getting a look on someone’s home turf, and besides I am time spent, only a couple of days and want everything on a plate.

We visited numerous fashionable boutiques, not only for clothing but divine accessories, shoes & handbags, interior furnishings, some very smart showrooms full of furniture. I bought a load (of course) loved it all and can't wait to get back!

You can be sure to be delighted and entertained with a first class shopping experience with Marilyn, I certainly was.