A testimonial from Erin Lightfoot, Australia, January 2016

business research and sourcing, valuable contacts for business, negotiate on clients behalf, a worthwhile investment for business

An excellent day, a highlight of our trip and an asset to our business.
We worked with Marilynn for business research and sourcing purposes. In the 8 hours we spent together we learned so much and saw places we never would have found on our own (places tucked away in back streets and areas you wouldn't guess to go to).
Marilyn was very quick to research our needs and in a very short time led us to some valuable contacts for our business.
Not only did she open doors that would have been closed to us (conversations with contacts and insight into businesses), she was excellent at helping us negotiate and asked questions on our behalf when we were being timid!
We had a really enjoyable day and I can't recommend her enough. Marilyn is enthusiastic and entertaining company, a brilliant networker and savvy shopper.
I will definitely be using her services in the future! Worth the investment.