Testimonial May 2016

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A recent Testimonial from Brendan Torazzi, Sydney, Australia, May 2016

Marilyn's experience and knowledge of buying product in Bali was invaluable. She quickly connected us in with all the key quality suppliers of furniture and interior items that just would not be possible to navigate in a short period of time. She was involved in getting better prices, advising us what not to buy as well as always going the extra mile once we left Bali to ensure that our purchases were delivered on time and safely. Communication was always fast and clear and Marilyn we found to be extremely trustworthy and reliable. The fees that you pay her are such good value for money because of the time you save, the quality you get and the savings you make with her assisting as you buy. Use Marilyn if you want a smooth buying experience! 10 out of 10...Brendan and Amanda Torazzi

Brendan Torazzi