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Retail Therapy 22 June, Bali Advertiser

Are you looking for the best Interior Designer to work with you on your new home in Bali or abroad? Not only custom design furniture for every room but home accessories that will add panache and style.
A team that will work with you all the way down to the very last throw for a chair, a bed/table runner, or a series of placemats and coasters. They will find you the best decorative objets and accessories to display, antiques and collectibles, sourcing an eclectic mix of Indonesian hand made artisan fabrics that perhaps is too good to use but frame for a feature wall. Indonesian upholstery fabrics and a select range of imported fabrics that will provide a plethora of ideas to stamp your personality to your home environment!

I had the absolute pleasure recently of meeting Lloyd Hassencahl, Creative Director of PT Design Solutions and Kamala Home (designer home accessories and custom furniture) along with his two lovely partners, Rani Trevelyan and Lily Sita. Lloyd and his team have been specializing in high-end interior design in the South East Asian region for more than a decade and which has given them the chance to build their product line for Kamala Home.
What a slick business they run together, impressive!
Not only for private homes and villas but destination restaurants and boutique hotels. They offer originality and uniqueness in all that they do, super clever, creative, unique - I love their style! And how they collaborate with local craftspeople and tradespeople who can evolve a piece of furniture into a contemporary form that is exciting and relevant for today’s discerning international customer, this is an art!

To view this exciting set up you need to make an appointment to visit the Kamala Home collection and furniture styles to view their ‘experiential’ retail space at their Ubud showroom which definitely provides a more ‘residential’ feel and which is so much easier for you to imagine all products of choice in your own home.

Design Solutions - Full Interior Designer Service
Kamala Home Boutique & Furniture Studio
Jl Tegal Sari No 10, Ubud
T: +62 361 972 901
Apt. please call +62 81 337 944 939 or
+62 81 999 320 453
Open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

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