A variety of stores that may hold the key to what you want?

list of contacts, fashion, food, new restaurants, homewares, sofas are all the rage and chesterfields have made a come back, particularly in leather, French reproduction furniture, rattan furniture for indoors and outdoors, cushions in all shapes and colors
Retail Therapy May 25, Bali Advertiser

Are you like me and collect business cards as you go, my collection is vast so finally found some time to sit patiently and edit a batch of them, what a job it was!! Okay so here you are, some contacts that maybe of interest to you. You never know, one of these shops may just hold the key for something that takes your fancy….

Firstly though, enjoyed a phenomenal dinner at the sister restaurant of Merah Putih named SANGSAKA my suggestion is to order lots of dishes to share, it’s the only way to sample the exquisite tastes on offer. Make a booking soon (T: 0812 3695 9895) and you will see why so many are raving about this great restaurant find, for flavorful mouthwatering food! Revised comment. This restaurant can be very noisy, choose your night out during the week.....

A newbie on Jl Raya Seminyak No 56, called DOMICIL, a French style home interior store, a huge opulent space dressed up in various charming room settings with an abundance of objects for you to consider, definitely a first class shopping start to the day. T: shop 0361 732734

Have you noticed that sofas have become all the rage, can be covered in butter-soft leather, baby pastels in velvet suede, washed denim or fine textiles particularly ikat again that is all the rage. These looks and more can be sourced / found at Bianco Interior Design www.biancointerior.com

One store that is a little hidden away on Jl Mertanadi No 54 is Noblis Furniture. New fancy stock arrives and then it’s gone, a popular store for folk that so love French reproduction, if you don’t see the piece you want, speak with the staff, study the sample books then make your decision. This is how it works for most showrooms here you usually need to make your order from the sample you see on the floor. T: 0812 385 32 99 & 081 337 672 012

Down on Jl Uluwatu 11, No 68 (opposite Jenggala Keramik, Jimbaran) is a super smart showroom, Kian Interiors and like most stores they are in Sale mode, so worth a visit sooner than later as their furniture / home accessories are super special, again when you spy a piece you like, you need to make a snap decision, otherwise it’s too late! T: 0361 847 1964 www.kian.com

Now for a little something more casual and less expensive, Bintang Timur on Jl Raya Semer, No 21 Kerobokan. They are specialists in handcrafted original rattan and synthetic chairs. Wayan Puspa is a pleasant and helpful young lady who speaks English and she’ll guide you around the small space that’s filled with samples, a storage area and more for a work space & with a tiny bit of room for a desk. Puspa knows her styles and colors & offers most affordable prices.
Hp: 081 338 549 819

Now over to Jl Gunung Tangkuban Perahu, No 2000B (at the top end nearJl Marlboro Rd) there’s Jaya Cushion and they do manufacturer any style of cushion, mattress for daybeds, sunbeds etc. mosquito nets, curtains and colorful bedlinen. They retail, wholesale and export. Very good quality, the owners name is Andi, reasonable prices & his team are quick off the mark too! T: 081 337 759 099 / 087 860 265 001 E: jayacushion2000@yahoo.com

Further along this same road as Jaya Cushion, (heading in the direction of JL Kunti 2) you’ll eventually pass through Jl Gunang Athena where on the left is My Basket Bali showroom. Always a hive of activity selling a wide range of styles in baskets, cushions, lamps and mats. They are rattan wholesalers and will do custom orders, once again very helpful staff. T: 081 999 650 680 / 0817 419 1100

And, now for a little something different – hand-decorated cakes, believe fancy character cakes could be the speciality of Paphio’s found in Denpasar. Okay, how it happened - I was leaving the Watercress café which always offers delicious fresh food within pleasant surroundings, got up to leave, when I spotted this large open box sitting on a chair, naturally I had to peer in. Inside the box sat a large round birthday cake with Birthday Greetings and on top of the cake was an ice bucket filled with what looked like ice where a bottle of Bintang rested. Next to the ice bucket was a cool beer glass with froth on top. The bottle of Bintang was real, but not sure about the rest, believe it was all cake, even down to the bottle opener…. The clever dude who crafted this masterpiece is Daniel Pradipta. So, if anyone is ready to celebrate with a cake in mind, (the next kids party?) you’ll just have to give this guy a go! Of course everyone loves a bit of cake don’t they…T: 087 861 210 999