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Retail Therapy February 17, Bali Advertiser

Tribal Signature - A focus on Indonesia’s rich culture and tradition in textiles

Every island within the Indonesian archipelago contributes to the visual expression of Indonesia. Textiles are a centuries old tradition and play an important role in this unique culture and represent a rich tapestry of color and pattern.

Anita Prasetyaningsih is the founder of Tribal Signature a new retail fashion & accessory destination that showcase a host of up to date fashion styles, using a variety of textiles (as follows) crafted by clever Artisans…..

Endek: (ikat) found across all islands of Indonesia in it’s many forms, noted by the smudginess of pattern-work, ideal for fashion to wear and popular now for covering sofas & chairs

Songet: is finer and often woven with silk and gold threads, to be worn most likely on special occasions

Tenun Rangrang from the isle of Nusa Penida features brightly colored patterns, wear as a sarong or use as a ‘throw’ at home.

Textiles from Flores feature the brighter colors of reds, pinks & purples. Lombok offer us a host of geometric prints called Pahikung, there’s cloth from Nusa Tenggara, Sumbawa and naturally there’s Batik!

Check out the current selection of fashion/accessories a la Mad Men 50’s style!

Step out in sexy stilettos encased in ikat, lovely ballet flats complete with tassels, super ikat sneakers, sporty lace-ups, strappy platform and wedges covered in ikat splendor plus the sweetest baby shoes from 0 - 6 mths!

Bags: Adorable mini handbag perfect to team with your work-wear, squashy totes flat envelope purses, wallets and evening purses - all feature some leather, perhaps a little brocade, ikat and with the addition of a tassel or two.

Belts and Bangles: super wide, colorful and decorative must haves!

Fashionables: The Vest, worn over any kind of top and team with your fave denim, with plenty more pieces coming in/on their way, so check out this store often!

It’s absolutely vital that the textile tradition remains alive in Indonesia, so take a visit to this colorful destination, you will definitely see some unique product that will put you ahead of the tribe!

Jl Raya Kedampang, No 102
Pengubengan Kauh, near Kerobokan
T: +62 (0) 812 3892 4692 (Anita)
T: +62 (0) 812 1277 9635 (Cempaka)