Amir - Indonesian wood furniture & selected antiques

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Indonesian wood furniture & selected antiques

Born, raised and schooled in Kalimantan (Borneo) Amir started out learning the furniture trade from the ground up, first watching the artisans who spent their days crafting wood into furniture; he learnt the numerous techniques of making/finishing furniture, repairing/ polishing, about various woods, particularly teak wood which has become his specialty.

Amir was smart, quick and developed ‘a keen eye’ not only in identifying the types of wood but the best way to craft the wood into beautiful pieces. Feeling the grain of wood, looking at the color & how it would be carved & shaped into a particular piece.

Bali is fortunate to have authentic craftspeople like Amir who understand the business. In the early years he met willing craftsmen & by gathering others around him who were interested in learning the trade, he now has an experienced group of passionate artisans who work with him on special furniture pieces for his showroom collection.

Amir has been creating remarkable wooden furniture that embodies a mix of functionality, simple lines along with good taste. Under the direction of his skillful eye, his furniture and choice of antique finds has provided him with an international clientele worldwide.

Amir got his big start some years ago when he met an American buyer who wanted to buy a container load of furniture for her high-end showroom in the States. From the onset she could see Amir was special, that he knew his business and because of his willing nature, engaging smile and humble manner he would be an asset to her in future years. This was the turning point for Amir who still assists the American buyer today with the choice of furniture & antiques.

Amir has always strived to provide customers with a unique collection of wooden product (look for his signature a ‘butterfly/bow’ insignia carved into a part of the wood) Consistency is paramount & quality control is observed ensuring customer satisfaction. His exclusive furniture pieces are immediately distinguished by their unique designs, a mix of Japanese simplicity, French & Italian flair, blended to what we know as tropical Asian style.

The collection incorporates an eclectic series of individual products that blend together seamlessly. Strong angular lines in chairs & benches, tables, consoles that are softened by any number of textiles that wrap & curve around surfaces, as well, antiques that are positioned strategically around the two level showroom. The high quality of raw materials is paramount, finished items are excellent & are works of art! Amir’s collection also brings in Madura style furniture pieces like fabulous daybeds in re-cycled teak with unique carving to the more distressed look with streaks of muted color, huge entrance doors from an old Sulawesi house to hang on the wall….and there’s more!

Amir with his eye for stylishly crafted furniture has filled an enviable niche in his chosen profession of Indonesian wood furniture & selected antiques and has built his business via word of mouth only, not even a website or social media. Congratulations!

Amir Home Collection
Jl. Gunung Tangkuban Perahu
T: + 62 0361 731 694
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