Monsieur Spoon - Artisan French Bakery

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MONSIEUR SPOON - Artisan French Bakery

An original French trained pastry chef & artisan, Chef Rafi decided he wanted to find his paradise, away from the kitchens of France where product wasn’t what it used to be in terms of quality & freshness & he wanted a change....
Rafi looked to Asia and discovered Bali! he had heard that it was easy to meet happy people, where time was not important and there were many artisans. Rafi wanted to find the right type of artisan that showed an interest in making pastry, who were patient, who seemed passionate about learning a new trade, so he set about teaching these artisans about the ‘Art of Making’ French pastries.

As we know, Bali is full of many artisans that derive great pleasure from what they produce, so for Rafi once he found people to teach, the rest was easy. Artisans love working with their hands, they love making the end result look perfect, so it became easy for Chef Rafi to move from his hobby to create a thriving business where 100 happy creative artisans work for Monsieur Spoon!

Rafi looked to find the best suppliers, he likes to connect with the smaller guys, confirmed artisans that understand fresh produce, natural ingredients, the importance of vitamins, the best of honey & jam, all prepared in the kitchen by willing people who will take the time to make quality product.

Pastry making is a process that takes a long time it’s a process of preparation by hand. Not only pastry but all the fillings lovingly prepared from slicing fruit, stewing fruit for a compot to making pasty crème, it all comes together with patience. Now Bali artisans are learning the craft of French kitchen know-how and also about adapting French recipes to suit the fresh ingredients found in Bali.

Some may remember the opening of the first Monsieur Spoon in Umalas, why Umalas? because many French people reside in the area & Rafi knew they would provide him with an honest appraisal of his artisanal skills, they gave him the thumbs up!
Next came Canggu, Rafi dreamed of establishing his main bakery & next patisserie within a green setting of rice paddies & fields, to be part of the growing community of Canggu, this he found & created a delightful garden setting too.

To keep the trendy & fashionable of Seminyak happy he found a small nook for a bijoux café & patisserie, opposite the boutique shopping center, Seminyak Village.

And now to Ubud, the quaint hilly township of culture & spirituality, the serenity of forest & rivers, a township that attracts a global community of many nations & home to many artisans. He found a prominent location with both indoor & outdoor seating as he loves to encourage people from all nations to sit in harmony, to create connections, to learn from each other, to share the space, to eat and converse.

Over time Monsieur Spoon has achieved recognition for the best Viennoiserie; croissant, brioche, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisin and Danish pastries, all delicious not to forget the mouth-watering delights & exquisite taste sensations such as the salty caramel tart, lemon & chocolate tarts, macarons and much more.....

Baguettes & sour dough (bleached flour, sugar & only French butter) as well, there are the darker breads where bamboo charcoal is crushed and added to the bread crust (a great ‘live’ detox ingredient)

Gluten free bread & cakes are now on offer, plus a menu of vegetable drinks, salads, toasts, crepes & sandwiches available daily in all four locations.

The official opening of Monsieur Spoon Ubud, takes place on Sunday 15 at 12.30pm, Jl Hanoman, No 10 – 99 (near Bebek Bengil) Chef Rafi will demonstrate pastry making at 2pm. All are Welcome!

Monsieur Spoon Artisanal French Bakery
Canggu, Umalas, Ubud and Seminyak, open 7/7 T: 0878 6280 8859 W: E: Facebook: monsieur.spoon.patisserie Instagram: monsieurspoon