Where the best freshest food can be found

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Frestive is one super supermarket shopping location on Jalan Raya Kerobokan, where fresh produce is the order of every day
The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer and time to reflect on a strategy for getting healthy – the end of year is about 11 weeks away!!
We all aim to look our best coming up to the Holiday season, so start off on a regime of regular exercise and healthy eating. It’s not too hard -
the freshest of vegetables & salads, fish if you wish and cut the carbs & sweets!

FRESTIVE is the trendy supermarket on Jl Kerobokan (next door to Pepito Express) for the best variety of fruit, salad and vegetables!
Tiny tomatoes in red or yellow, a variety of salad leaves, fresh herbs (cut and in pots) mini & large bell peppers, asparagus, abergines, snow peas and so much more….
Choice bananas, sweet melon, new season mangoes, papaya, there’s dragonfruit, passionfruit and mangosteen to choose, make up a healthy fruit salad for your breakfast/anytime – load with a little yoghurt, honey & a sprinkle of mixed dried fruits and nuts. Watercress do the best Jl Batu Belig & Monkey Forest Rd, Ubud.
Fresh coconut water is the go, drink often….and take a break from fruit juice, fizzy drinks and alcohol.
There are a number of health food stores plus a few really good farmers markets – these offer you the best in organic & fresh, or take time to buy direct from the producer, the taste is certainly superior to regular fresh produce and will last longer in your fridge, or take advantage of a home delivery service, easy….
Healthy eating with regular exercise is simple to follow and necessary, we all know what we need to do, so let’s do it!
Fresh fish from the Jimbaran fish market is fine, but somehow living further afield is too difficult to make the journey. There are small fish markets in Canggu, Sunset Road and ‘I am be You’ located on the ByPass opposite side before you arrive at LotteMart.
Fresh fish as will as organic chicken is good for one in small doses, eat up, you will feel better for it, provides a source of iron for your body.
Bali is tuned in to the many people who can’t eat wheat, so there is a fair choice of gluten free product around.