Bali Advertiser Issue 22 July Retail Therapy

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Summertime and the Living is easy!

Apart from the usual summer road works, school holidays, celebrations for Eid and Galungan, plus the fallout of ash to inconvenience traveler’s holiday schedules - life must go on, so enjoy!

The Orchard – No 33x, T: +62 361 410397 Jl Kayu Aya (also known as Jl Oberoi & Jl Laksmana) is one showroom that presents very smart ‘Singapore’ style furniture, mostly in teak / rattan plus refined home accessories and a wonderful collection of Bali ‘old’ photographs. The Orchard carries one of the largest collections of cushions around town, upon walking in an explosion of color greets you and it’s so easy to choose any number to fill your villa or home abroad. Batik in many patterns, ikat too and they are the only retailer that secures the wonderful Jim Thompson fabric which as a special cushion cover takes line honors…. The Orchard is definitely worth a visit, next door to Chandi restaurant.

The Winehouse Gourmet Market –
Jl Raya Kerobokan

We are seeing a few more farmers markets this year, visited a relatively new one set within the very popular Winehouse amongst all it’s bottles! Artisans who participated in this recent Saturday’s market were - Locavore Ubud for super plump free range chickens plus a mix of pork products, Epikure presented Fois Gras, Pates, Terrines and Duck Magrets, Island Organics for the freshest of leafy salad & vegetables, Kayuapi for super breads. A fabulous spread of cheese products by German Bali-Alm like Batzola, Tilsiter, Limburger, Frischkase (fresh cheese) ++ brownies by Lovely, Bali Chocolate Factory, Bali Coconut products, a range of tasty chutneys by The English Gent and snacks by Fabulous Foods to enjoy with a Segafredo coffee or a Bootstrap Cold Brew... it was all yummy, hearty, social fun, take your famers market basket along to their next event! Call The Winehouse
T: +62 361 737 217 Jl Kerobokan No 66, the first Saturday of the month….

Reflexology –Listen to your Feet !

Massaging ones feet can be heavenly or it can be a painful experience! Regular massage is a lovely feeling and will revitalize tired feet, whereas a session of Reflexology is a very different kind of treatment – that is direct massage / acupressure to the many pressure points on ones feet. As most know, each part of the foot is supposed to represent an internal organ within the body with the benefits from such a session as improved circulation, detoxification, reduced tension and by stimulating nerve endings that the body has the ability to heal.

There are some very positive results that one can experience but it’s imperative to find the best trained therapist?! Well I can now recommend one for you. Nico is his name, Javanese born and trained and from experience he is one blessed with healing hands. To make a time for a reflexology session, it’s an hour’s treatment unless you wish to have some work done on your shoulders or/and neck. Nico is a young man who is totally sincere and earnest about his work and for general well being, perhaps you suffer from insomnia? then his ‘magic fingers’ will do the work! If you would like to make contact with Nico send an sms to T: 081337661369

And to finish, you must go up Jl Mertanardi (from Sunset Rd) pass the first street on the right, along a bit, right hand side, see the store set back off the road (gracious, here’s some parking!) this knockout kinda place with the best name, Housewives on Fire - for food & fabulous finds….