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Summer brings visitors to Bali and if you are looking around for some really special gifts to take home as mementos then this is the store to visit! Of course you don’t have to be a visitor, we all need gifts and special surprises at times, IndiVie is the best one-stop shop!
Set within the popular Made’s Warung on Jl Raya Seminyak you’ll find IndiVie a destination worth knowing about particularly if time is limited. They do have the best selection of collectibles (for any age) found in the one place sourced within Indonesia and there’s parking at the back of the complex!
Indonesia is well known for producing the most wonderful range of textiles, used for decorative home accents such as a framed elegant hanging for the wall to the Indonesian fashion industry who have been the vanguard with their continuous promotion of Batik, Songket, Ikat & Tie/Dye.
The newest trend is Tenun Rang Rang, a hand-woven cloth of the neighboring isle of Nusa Penida featuring contemporary zig zag pattern work. IndiVie has some pieces crafted by Balinese weavers of Tenun Iman, as well, the eco group Role Foundation.

There are some batiks by the late Lou Zeldis to score with cloth produced in natural dyes & hand drawn designs. Not only fabric but some interesting one of a kind jewelry pieces including mystical charms and other objets.
Another cloth indigenous to East Kalimantan is Ulap Doyo woven from certain plant fibres and crafted into place mats, folios and purses. Also from Kalimantan comes a range of rattan boxy bags adorned with an abundance of beadwork.
IndiVie has always stocked a good selection of fans, a necessity in tropical weather or a decorative piece for display. Firstly, there is a gorgeous fan of black wood with lazered pattern that slides into a stand, tres chic! The more traditional fan crafted with a wooden frame, fine silk or banana paper, then with a trim of mother of pearl on wood + tassel. Another fan that is clever is the A4 fan! a rigid piece of fabric/paper with a smooth wooden corner to hold for fanning oneself, the perfect gift for a female executive to extract from her business folio!
If it’s a piece of South Sea pearl jewelry you covet, IndiVie has a showcase full of the most fabulous pieces, all crafted with antique pieces found from Indonesia. There are rings, bracelets and neckpieces a totally stunning collection for the girl who loves good jewelry that is certainly unique!

Some other names that IndiVie host are, Gaya Ceramics, Jewel Rocks for a decorative range of ‘strings & beads’, Saraswati for recycled paper products and Threads of Life for handicraft from neighbouring Indonesian islands. There are numerous other products from a mix of special jewelry, purses and bags, artwork, decorative items to clever wooden accessories.
I love the new cream ceramic collection that portrays Balinese motifs in blue, an excellent gift idea or for your home. It’s not only the French designer house Hermes that has got in on the act, working on a range of tableware of Indonesian inspired motif, Ikat in their case.
IndiVie supports the community project of Muntigunung (the very dry area located in the northeast of Bali) Look for the aluminum boxes with rattan tops that hold small packages of locally grown foodstuffs & other craft. Proceeds go to the families of this area.

It’s a given, IndiVie has much to offer you for individual gifts!
IndiVie at Made’s Warung on Jl Raya Seminyak
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