The Ultimate in TAPAS eating!

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TORO BAR for TAPAS - located opposite from the upmarket Disco Jenja on the courtyard of TS SUITES and this is where you will find the ‘real deal’ tapas bar straight from sunny Spain to sunny Bali!
Remember the B Chocolate shop in Canggu? (Michel originally from Belgium, lived in Spain for many years with his Spanish wife Titus. These enterprising people have recently set up a truly authentic tapas bar, super fresh tasty morsels served up with your choice of vino, sangria or beer. Ladies, this is where you can hop a seat at the bar (tables & chairs are coming) rest your legs awhile with a drink and your choice of Montaditos (tapas) The combination of ingredients that rests on the toast gives you that authentic Spanish taste, so much so, you’ll want to keep ordering more! If you want to snack on something a little more substantial choose from the Platillos selection (like meatballs, croquettes ++) TORO BAR is a chic modern bar, well managed, hygienic and affordable. And if you like to dance, just a short walk across to the disco.
// TORO BAR - Open from 7pm to 5am
Jl Nakula 18, TS Suites #002, T: 0361 8469078