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Retail Therapy for Bali Advertiser, May 13, 2015

It’s MAY!
Hard to believe but it’s true, the months fly by at breakneck speed, more so I imagine if one is working…..Many go away at this time of year as it’s usually quiet which it is, unusually quiet for all matter of reasons, however life goes on……
In terms of shopping there are some excellent ‘buys’ given that the season has been relatively quiet and there is some overstock, so scout around, it maybe another dress, a pair of sandals, a purse? am sure all will prove welcome additions to freshen up your closet.
As mentioned last issue some shops have closed and others have opened a second shop, like KARMARAMA which has steadily grown their business for some years, they are down at the end of Jl Drupardi (near Jl Dhaya Pura) but noticed they have popped up on Jl Batu Belig fast becoming a second address for many a retailer. Karmarama No 19 offers cool sundresses (long or short) easy pants & tops + they are almost next door to Kaleidoscope (for gypsy inspired & sequins) on the way to Watercress where you can chill with a fresh organic juice & salad.
COCOON the popular Medical Spa on Jl Sunset Rd has also decided to cultivate an Ubud following and am sure it won’t be too hard at all. As you turn into the top part of Monkey Forest Road just down a little on the left, nestles the same wooden façade entrance that you will recognise as Cocoon on Sunset. Walk inside and you will immediately be transported to a quiet world within with a breath taking view over rice fields that stretch for miles. So utterly pleasant to be ensconced in the same ‘pod’ treatment room for your elected treatment and here again are the most delightful therapists on hand to look after you….Cocoon Medical Spa, Ubud will surely be a winner!

Cocoon Medical Spa, Head Office, Jl Sunset Rd, Legian.
T: 08113882240 or +62 361 8475997

A few newsy bites – Monsieur Spoon and Le March de Alsace a L’Table are coming to Ubud! Mr Spoon tells me they will be located near Seniman Coffee Studio and Hujan Locale restaurant and Mr Pascale of Alsace aTable tells me somewhere with lots of parking, opposite Mosaic. Bet this is really good news for the Ubud folk who must have felt rather left out, but now they can partake of the best croissants and delicious Brie +Nothing quite like a little French indulgence!
Home stores are just as exciting as fashion stores now (if not more so) with a few that have done well since opening some years back. Offering high quality product served with a smile by informed staff. Both stores following (feature very different home décor styles) and demonstrate excellent visual display techniques, so when you walk into one of these stores you will feel this urge that surge that you must buy!!

This is one store that is going great guns and has now moved into the empty space next door, to enlarge the space they have already. A bigger space makes a difference in terms of spreading stock out and setting up colorful vignettes to provide you with regular home décor inspiration.
Mercredi is pure inspiration and has come up with a retail receipe that works. Each small new collection will often work in with the previous collection, so you can always buy new pieces to add and it’s very hard to stop!
The style of home product is a mix of French Provencal, fabric and textiles from India plus product from Bali and Indonesia.
Short runs of beautiful product that always seems to offer freshness and color; from a myriad of throws, tablecloths & serviettes, place mats, cushions/covers and an assorted collection of objets along with special pieces of furniture from daybeds, small tables, batik carpets and ceramic drums to use as seating or a small table. There are now mugs and cups, glass canisters, bowls all with a French flair. Even the air fresher spray is good, try Borneo or Macassar for a touch of the exotic.
But a word of warning – buy what you see when you see it, don’t hesitate, as the cushion covers in particular don’t last long instore…..I have observed that customers literally pounce on the new arrivals, the secret is visit Mercredi often!
Mercredi Jl Basangkasa (corner of Jl Kayu Aya) Seminyak
T: +62 361 735 516
Mercredi Jl Monkey Forest, Ubud
T: +62 361 835 2186
E: F/B: mercredi home