A fabulous Gallery showing

An exhibition of 19th Century Ancestral Protraits at LeMari on Jl Batu Belig off Jl Petitenget.
This rare 19th Century Ancestral portrait is from a private Chinese collection, this and a number of others can be viewed at LeMari from the 19 February for a limited time, until sold.

They depict members of the Qing Dynasty Imperial families, military and civil elite who ruled China from 1644 until the Revolution of 1911.

Ancestors have always been very important in Chinese culture; the power of the living person was believed to reside in their portrait after death.

The ancestors were normally painted seated in a carved chair and wearing semi-formal winter robes. The only difference is gender related: women's feet (considered the most erotic part of her body) were always covered and often the hands.
While the highly styled costumes are encoded with symbols of court status and social position, the most important part of the portrait is the face that individualizes and identifies the Ancestor and lifts one to the realm of Icon.

All ancestors were painted with virtually the same expression, a symbolic somber and detached look to suggest imaginary or spiritual status.

With the development of photography in the 19th Century the painting of Ancestor portraits began to decrease with people being photographed rather than painted.

Today, they are not only wonderful Collectors pieces but highly decorative for almost any Residential or Commercial Interior.

Kung Hei Fat Choy !

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