Quarzia for silk batik modern in style, fabulous!

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Festive Dressing for New Years Eve – dreams of glitz and cool Holiday style!
The Italians in Bali exhibit great style when it comes to product, particularly fashion! Bali provides inspiration plus! and there’s no better example to visit three stores that showcase the ultimate in fashion design and quality of fabric.

Quarzia – their tag line goes “We like the idea to made something that goes beyond fashion” which it certainly is! They finds great inspiration in traditional Balinese patterns found in their unique textiles. After learning the hand woven batik-making techniques, they began to develop their own contemporary patterns for fabulous women’s clothing that is offered in an abundance of sensational color ways, their beautiful designer patterned sarongs are good enough for a wall hanging, along with some distinct cushion and bed covers. There are some lovely pouchy batik purses for evening and other accessory items along with some menswear. Each item pays tribute to the traditional Balinese textiles that the brand loves so much. Always an exciting store to shop!
Jl Oberoi 3A Seminyak (next to Milo’s) 62-361-736644
T: +62 361 736644