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Retail Therapy for Bali Advertiser 29 October, 2014
Hot Shops and Top Spots!
Cocoon Medical Spa
The Miracle Thread Lift

Cocoon's Miracle Lift is the latest innovation of skin rejuvenation for firming and lifting. Unlike other threads, this extremely popular thread lift in South Korea is more affordable and a convenient alternative to the traditional facelift. Not only lift and tighten, but also to rejuvenate the skin from within, giving the deep skin layers nutrition to generate collagen naturally.

This treatment uses PDO (Polydioxanone) threads that have been used in medicine for many years, mainly in surgery.
These threads provide the initial foundation for an immediate lifting effect, while stimulating the skin’s collagen production which holds the face’s fat compartments in place & dermal fillers can be added to fill up any lost volume.

By the time it is completely absorbed by your body in nine months, your face will have a significantly thicker & stronger collagen matrix- automatically lifting up the skin and erasing or reducing droops or wrinkles.

You could term this Miracle Lift as giving your face a 3D dimensional makeover without the pain, cost and downtime of an actual facelift!

A short explanation on how it’s performed is; usually by local anesthetic, although, the procedure is not painful, some may elect to have mild sedation. The first step is to determine the areas to be treated & the direction of the lift required. Once the areas to be treated are marked, local anesthetic is injected into the area where the threads will be placed or where the dermal fillers would be introduced. The threads are then passed through the marked points (depends on the area to be treated) towards the area to be lifted. The threads are passed just under the skin. which are then used to pull the skin backwards towards the line lifting. After which, dermal fillers would be introduced to areas with volume loss.

Cocoon Medical Spa is Bali’s most experienced and professional cosmetic and wellness spa, with an Australian-trained medical team and superior technology, it took the Spa of the Year in Bali (YAK Awards) & Medical Spa of the Year (AsiaSpa Awards). “Our philosophy is simple,” says Louise Cogan, Director of Cocoon Medical Spa. “We aim to improve the skin condition & health for long term anti-aging. Our treatments give clients visible results for the best possible prices. Our technologies, treatments and products are the same standard that you will find at the best clinics in Australia, but up to 80% less than the western price.”

Other treatments include; Botox and fillers, chemical peels, skin rejuvenation, laser, permanent hair removal, slimming, fat & cellulite removal, no-needle mesotherapy, diamond microdermabrasion, PRP, PDT, colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna and vitamin IV.

Cocoon Medical Spa
Sunset Road (opposite McDonalds at Sunset Star)
0811 3882240 or 0361 847 5997

Biasa 50% Jl Raya Basingkasa, Seminyak T: 735 588

Pick up some great buys that ooze Italian fashion style, from smart sarongs/wraps/scarves, accessories, long flowing kaftans & other soft linen pieces, a great little store to find a little something for youself or a gift with dash! You will find the Biasa main store for women & men further down the road before Bintang supermarket.

Kemarin Hari Ini Jl Raya Basingkasa, 1200C, Seminyak
If you are after a truly fabulous ceramic pot, this is the store to visit. They are simply massive, huge, enormous. All shapes in distinctive colors and would enhance any space that requires ‘big’! best to leave them empty, they are sure to make a statement + much more to find/buy in this eclectic space for home.

Sandio – Jl Raya Basingkasa, No 101, Seminyak
For inexpensive ballet flats this is the place! Three styles on offer, the traditional flat with rounded toe & tie at front (one without the tie too) there’s the slightly rounded toe, with a lower cut at the side of the shoe and the Armani style slipper with a little criss cross stitching at front. Available in wonderful colors in suede, leather, printed skin & all super comfortable!

Tarumas Jl Tangkuban Perahu 6D, Kerobokan
While the traffic is bumper to bumper, easy to stop and pop in (just before the market fruit stands) Lots of upbeat designs in quality furniture that will thankfully mix in with contemporary or rustic. Beds, living room arrangements, a mix of cupboards, desks, shelving & tables. These people have been in this same location for yonks, so they must be good!

Planet Nomadas
How many diving centers can you find in Sanur, oodles of them, which one to choose? Check this company out with offices in Sanur & Nusa Lembongan & on meeting the Spanish team that have world-wide experience, professionalism & instill confidence (like they adhere to all the important rules! Seems like these are the ones to choose. Their drive/dive adventure safaris sound like such good fun + a wonderful way to view island scenery.

Finally an update for that good cup of coffee!
Bali Bakery comes to Sanur! Taksu Hotel on Jl Sudamala No 26 Sanur, a welcome addition to the southern area of Sanur.
Milk & Madu on Jl Pantai 52, Berawa, by Pablo of the popular Watercress. This is an alternative choice for your cups of delicious Revolver coffee & new menu where you will be in for a difficult choice, too yummy!
Lello Lello on Oberoi is serving up a new brand of coffee called Di Bella Coffee from Indonesia, it’s smooth & delicious! don’t forget their creamy gelato too! (next to Urchin/The Colony hotel)