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Lotus - Furniture
As we all know there is always a new store popping up in Bali and a good idea to investigate, particuarly if you are on the hunt for new furniture for your Bali residence or perhaps to be send abroad.
One aspect is that new stores do take a little while to find their feet as it were, not only to decide on the style of product they are going to showcase, what other products will they introduce, how to arrange it all on the shop floor and issues like staff training and other procedures that come with opening a new business.
Here is a new store that offers a varied selection of furniture and some different pieces to what is around elsewhere (which is getting more difficult these days, there is still way too much of the same here, not only with furniture/home product but in the fashion arena as well)

What Lotus – Furniture have done is they have mixed a number of furniture styles together (not everyone likes the same style of interior so they provide a choice for you) there are some good examples of French style chairs, a sofa, a table plus bookshelves. There are chunky pieces of rattan furniture for that tropical look, there’s the ever popular cowhide but instead on a streamlined modern piece, it has been used to cover a French style chair, different! Then there are the more contemporary pieces and as a total contrast there is a small selection of natty re-cycled retro style pieces, take a look at the bar stool, some clever soul has added a set of handlebars from a push bike!
The idea is when out visiting stores and showrooms such as Lotus - Furniture you need to look closely at the different pieces to first determine your initial style or if a particular new style will work with your existing furniture and where the piece will be placed in your home, look again at item(s) to check the finish, ask about the price, color preference, and if you need to order and how long will it take to produce.

It’s mandatory to put 50% down as a deposit before they will commence your order and always a good idea to keep in touch every so often with the owner/manager of the store to check on your order, issues like public holidays will always hold up an order, such as Ramadan/Idul Fitri. The quality control process should be carried out by the owner/manager of the business to ensure that every piece of furniture has been checked. Once your order has been completed you will be advised to pay the balance of monies owed. Then, it’s all a matter to take delivery in Bali or onto a container to make the journey home.
Lotus - Furniture do have their own factory in Java so once it’s determined what you want it’s a relatively easy process. Mind you, with any kind of retail, what you like is what you want, so buy it, nothing stays around for long!
The best aspect is having a confident Store Manager, Maulana a friendly guy who speaks English and will guide you through the process from start to finish.
If you want to change the design a little, swap the fabric to another print, change the wood to your choice, anything is possible, the best idea is to make an appointment to meet Maulana instore at a time to suit.
Am particularly partial to their extra large cushions in stripes, their smaller ones with bright tropical prints & their collection of gelato shades in Turkish beach towels at affordable prices…..

Lotus – Furniture seem to make it rather easy to attain a stylish look with furniture & accessories for your home.
Retail & Wholesale
129 Jl Kerobokan (next to Australian School)
T: +62 361 731 949 Hp: +62 81 23 71 32 878
E: lotusfurniture878@gmail.com