Dining in a Luxury Tent, enjoying Sensational Food!

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Retail Therapy for Bali Advertiser 20 August, 2014

Now it’s true, just about everyone who visits Bali is here for a good amount of dining in restaurants & other establishments. But there is now another style of dining in a unique setting with amazing food, that sets it way up on another level to experience!
Dining within a Luxury Tent on Sensationally Good Food!!
It all started with the popular Royal High Teas that were held in the forest around Ubud, then, an amazing idea took shape, the design and manufacture of a highly intelligent tented home that one could live in. Eventually, the owner moved in…. and with this, followed an idea that grabbed her mind, to hold an event on a regular basis to suit the seasons…..
For like minded souls who love nature, the outdoors, who have a passion to wine and dine on fantastic fresh seasonal produce in a lush settting of lanterns, candles, white tablecloths & crystal! The scene was set for Dining within Tent (a la Out of Bali style) set high above the Ayung River overlooking rice paddies, where the jungle merges with the forest, here you find the luxury tented Escape Nomade, the setting is sublime! an evening to remember, to share with friends in absolute splendor that will be a totally unique experience!

Firstly, The Venue -
Anneke van Waesberghe a Dutch designer, creative thinker and conservationist has made her mark with her revolutionary perspective to luxury hospitality. Escape Nomade is not merely a tented abode, it’s a living without walls concept, here is a genuine commitment to the environment and local community plus a commitment to economic social and environmental sustainability.

If you are a true and elegant Nomade who loves to stay in luxury hotels and resorts, you can experience these products as a new ‘art of life’ where the principles are based on design for the environment. Living Without Walls is an inspiration to anyone wanting to create their own sustainable environment and live a guilt free life to enjoy fresh air rather than air-conditioning and develop a taste for fine natural cottons rather than silks.

Anneke says “The tents have been designed to introduce an eco-friendly lifestyle and are an expresson of the basic guidelines I wrote in the 80’s for ‘Design for the Environment’ for the Environmental Protection Agency.
The dinners launch the guests into a luxurious tented environment for a surprising and unexpected experience”

Escape Nomade designs & manufacturers luxury tented resort villas & interiors for remote places & islands for all climates & are available for Sale! (the website will provide all technical details)

Now for - The Food - the other half of the equation!

The witty & amusing personality Diana von Cranach an Englishwomen, Cordon Bleu chef, a degree in Egyptology, who operated an interior design business in Germany, found her way to Bali in the late nineties and opened her very personal and hedonistic hideaway Puri Ganesha in the peaceful northwest corner of the island. Her reputation for providing some of the freshest food around prompted her to develop a unique and innovative signature brand, Rawfully Good ‘living’ cuisine using purely Southeast Asian ingredients.

Because Diana is familiar with the more unusual ingredients available in different countries throughout the region, she is purely the only Southeast Asian raw food chef who creates exciting and very different menus based on re-inventing traditional local recipes, utilizing only the freshest seasonal produce. Thus a book, ‘Rawfully Good Living Flavours of Southeast Asia’ has become a reference book for those who would like to learn how to prepare living food from the region. A few years ago, Diana put together ‘The Allthingsnice Spice Company’ producing a unique selection of locally made ‘living’ spice mixtures.

Diana takes simple traditional recipes that are part of the intrinsic culture of individual South East Asian Countries (in this case the isle of Bali) and develops them into vegan ‘living’ gourmet dishes full of natural goodness. She has succeeded with the balance of different flavors combining texture, taste and color to achieve the maximum sensory impact for each dish. This may come as a surprise to many who have certain pre-conceptions about ‘living food’ showing them that familiar flavors can be enjoyed in a totally different, animal product free, and life enhancing way.

The four-course menu Diana has devised is truly magnificent to admire, seasonal fresh local flavors reflecting the main colors of temple offerings! Unbelievably delicious food all washed down with regular shots of vodka!

Now, the best idea is to get a group of eight friends or two tables of ten and book in for what will be a truly brilliant evening to remember!
(a birthday party, a full moon celebration, a pre wedding party) with Anneke and Diana as your hosts! You will have such fun, and be thoroughly amazed with the culinary delights to enjoy, all set within the amazing tented home. Bali is renowned for exceptional creativity and this is one night where you can experience what two very talented people can do in setting the scene in the middle of a Balinese jungle!

Anneke says “The reception has been amazing because the food and the location are unique and there is nothing to compare anywhere on the island. It is a little like going to the theatre, you have an idea of what it is but did not expect your jaw to be dropping, your heart to be dancing and your soul to be melting.”

Email Anneke - E: esp2000@indo.net.id
Email Diana - diana@rawfullygoodfood.com
www. rawfullygoodfood.com / www.puriganesha.com +62 +62 362 94766
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