SOUQ for Fashion, Home, Lifestyle. Food

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SOUQ is a newly opened contemporary retail space to grab you, a place that you’ll get excited about! The product here is different and there’s plenty more coming in! A large area, clever in design – part industrial style (palm fronds painted on the ceilings and flamingoes on the walls of the powder room!) you will see loads of product that will delight, entrall, this place is vibrant and alive!

SOUQ is special because it cares to be different, it’s inspirational, the name evokes a nicely mixed marketplace or bazaar. SOUQ is inventive with exceptional ideas, the polish of well crafted product, lovely displays, beautiful pieces, adornments for afar. SOUK is a flirtation with the exotic!

Within this space, head for the café and take a coffee, excellent! (Toby’s Estate from Sydney) Now open for breakfast, enjoy roasted tamarillos poached in rose with strained yoghurt & pumpkin seeds! homemade fruit bread, orange & ginger tea by the pot & totally delicious fresh smoothies! Lunchtime, go for tasty Persian salad, the silky tofu or dive into the yummiest sausage roll, organic minced pork mixed with spices rolled in pastry served with homemade chutney! This café is ideal to sit around, chat to others, feel sure this will become another ‘hot meeting/eating place’ in the busy retail sector called Seminyak! and there’s wifi too.

While sitting around you can marvel at the quality furniture, top designer product, clever mixes of rattan synthetic for indoor/outdoor chairs & lightweight cubes, wooden tables with metal base & petrified wood, handmade stone tiles, inlays & brushed concrete floors. There’s a definite feel of designer craftsmanship to SOUQ so expect to see more surprises on a continual basis in both interior fitout to product in the future. This is one retail space that you should visit regularly so you don’t miss a beat! Best of all, all furniture items/fixtures can be purchased / made and sent home to you!

Cast your eyes over limited racks that hold a selection of edgy fashion pieces from smart durable trench coats (Aussie winter) to flimsy, lacey frippery! Pretty feminine silks, swimwear in unique colorways (still to receive the entire range in sizes) cotton jumpsuits, mesh lingerie, super fine rayon jersey, silk organza & ultra fine linen. Dresses, gowns, pants, shorts & shirts. Lovely the particularly smart canvas tote bags and straw hats Panama style.

A truly heady selection of sumptious antique & vintage jewelry bits & body adornments from, jeweled head tiaras, head turning neckpieces, plus a myriad of bracelets (some solid jade) cuffs, earrings & rings, exotic pieces with semi precious stones embellished with gilt, gold, silver, oh there are some divine offerings found in the glass cabinets! Authentic FEIYUE trainers & high tops, introduced to the world by the Shaolin monks, now available in the Colette store in Paris with a much higher price tag than the ones in Bali! And, a neat series of black & white prints of monks, to fill a wall space perhaps? Gold plated Cloisonne in ginger jars, vases, lanterns & tea caddys. Love the silver/brass containers with antique ceramic cover, these little gems are unique! And plenty of Jade here, objets to placemats & coasters.

There’s rattan & synthetic home items, these at SOUQ are somehow tribal in appearance in various sizes & novel color combos. Tablemats plus a giant food cover, prefer the description, ‘cloche pour assiette’...then, there’s the more earthy shades in basketware, what about the super laundry baskets you see?!

For those looking for a very large dining table here’s a beauty! A large slab of glass sitting atop a stainless plinth. Glorious!
SOUQ in their travels unearthed a superb collection of Chinese vintage toys a definite attraction for the children. A fun selection of clothing for little ones, to papier mache animal heads and other cool items for childrens rooms, like the cute all rattan scooters! Handmade & painted wrapping paper & cards are a good addition & different to what’s already available in Bali. And, coming soon will be the introduction of a super fine cashmere collection exclusive to SOUQ plus linen sheets and bedcovers to ‘dye’ for!

SOUQ – store open daily 7.30am - 9pm / café 7.30am - 5pm Jl Basangkasa No 10, thru to Sunset Road, Seminyak. T: 0821 4766 3467 E: F/B: SOUQ