A Nusa Lembongan wedding for Jaimie-Lee!

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Jaimie wrote a lovely testimonial for me, here it is to share -
I would wholeheartedly recommend Marilyn to anyone looking for a personal shopper in Bali. I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful job she did taking my mother and I shopping for wedding supplies.
My partner and I were planning a wedding in Nusa lembongan in May. We needed to organize all our own decorations, flowers, alcohol and outfits for the wedding party and had no idea where to source any of it from.
When I arrived in Bali I was very stressed with the thought of having to organize it all but thanks to Marilyn we were able to source everything in one day of shopping! Marilyn really was a godsend! I know we would never have found all the things we needed, not to mention the stress of shopping in Bali without her. It could have been extremely painful!
Marilyn picked us up from our hotel with her personal driver in a very comfortable air conditioned van. She knew all the shortcuts to the different shopping areas in Bali so we wasted no time getting from A to B.
Marilyn knew exactly what I wanted and where to get it from quickly and efficiently without all the traffic hassles, or irritating haggling issues.
Her suggestions and ideas for table decorations, outfits and flowers indicated she understood my personal style and really got me and what I was looking for. She took me to places that reflected this and we wasted no time going places that wouldn’t have what I wanted.
We even found time for a delicious lunch, probably the best I have tasted in Bali and took some time to relax, have a drink and get to know each other. I loved listening to Marilyn tell us a bit about her life. She is a very interesting, vivacious woman.
Marilyn is reliable, trustworthy and professional. She is also a very good source of information when it comes to anything in Bali, best places to eat or places to visit or anything you want to know.
Most of all Marilyn is an extremely nice person and I feel very lucky that it was her we chose to help us shop for the wedding. She is AMAZING at what she does and I am extremely grateful!
Jaime Edwardes, Western Australian