Sensatia for Soap!

soap, organic, natural, retail and wholesale to hotels and villas
Some interesting information about Sensatia Botanicals, it’s not a company that serves up ‘just any soap & body product’ and not going to wax lyrical about the creaminess of soap, and the natural goodness of their products, after using their products and reading the following you will understand this all to be true. Sensatia is a serious company with an impressive history and has achieved remarkable results in Bali and the owner needs to be ‘showered’ with accolades!!
It is their quality assurance that is impressive where every Sensatia product out in the marketplace is traceable to every single raw material used in the product, as well, a complete documentation of the pH, viscosity & microbiology count etc.
Sensatia Botanicals is trademarked in 40 countries and has over 150 product registrations with BPOM. Because of the current regulations and requirements, all hotel amenities must be registered with Indonesia’s Health Ministry (BPOM) Sensatia have created four ranges of Leisure Amenities that are available in single packaging and bulk supply. All these products are registered with BPOM, so when a hotel has a site inspection all will be in order. (many hotels and producers don’t comply with the above measures )
Sensatia have their own in-house laboratory that tests every single batch of product before it is allowed to be released to the public, they have now applied for GMP Certification and very soon would hope to announce they will be Bali’s first GMP Certified cosmetic producer! Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are the international standards and practices required in order to conform to guidelines recommended by agencies that control authorization and licensing for manufacture and sale of food, drug products and active pharmaceutical products. This also means applying good laboratory and clinical practices that are overseen by regulatory agencies in many countries.
Michael R. Lorenti Jr. relates, “from humble beginnings we started the company (1999) as a profit sharing co-operative & are proud to continue in this manner, promoting equality amongst workers and administrators. From the very beginning we have been dedicated to producing 100% natural products where our raw materials are fresh, wholesome, gentle and good for you, incorporating a very holistic, organic approach, with a strong love & connection with the land”
Sensatia Botanicals is a company that has exceeded all expectations, a credit to Michael and his team! His website tells it all about his incredibly good quality product lines, take a read and more importantly buy Sensatia (you will find blocks of fine soap in selected retail outlets as well, the Alila Hotels & Resorts, Karma Resorts, The Chedi, Peppers Sentosa Seminyak, Mantra Nusa Dua, Semara Resorts ++ Why not visit his first retail shop in Jasri, this will make him smile, and bet you if he is in, he would be happy to meet you!

PT. Sensatia Botanicals
720 Jln. Pantai Jasri, Jasri Kelod
Karangasem, Bali
T/ F: + 62 363 23260