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Retail Therapy for Bali Advertiser 30 April 2014
There have been a number of articles recently on well known beauty websites about ‘going without make-up’ or that ‘just out of bed look’ These websites have mostly featured movie stars taking ‘selfies’ without any makeup and frankly many of them look like the girl down the road!
So how do we all look without a scrap of makeup (by this I mean foundation/conceler/powder) do we like this look, do we feel good, Imagine getting dressed up to the nines and going out without a pinch of makeup on?!
You may have some marks from acne, dark pigmentation that has come up with age (possibly due to too much sun in earlier years) enlarged pores, you would have to admit that your skin would certainly look better without these marks….
So first things first, your SKIN and there is no doubt these days that if you look after your skin when younger you will look more youthful when older and, if you are already older, you will look even better by having regular facial treatments starting now, the place to shoot for is Cocoon Medical Spa!
These good people have several skin treatment packages that you can consider at your complimentary consultation and it’s likely that you’ll want to commence your first treatment immediately on your regime to a new you, Beauty Reborn!

The Cocoon Medical Spa philosophy is a little different from other clinics: many people go straight for Botox & Fillers for correcting imperfections. Yes, these do have a place in cosmetics and anti ageing treatments, but there is too much emphasis on these as the main treatment, when actually, they should just be supplementary to other anti-aging treatments.
And it’s already proven that you can’t rely on the injectables completely as they don't last that long, they don't create a big difference over time and they don't help with skin health in the long term. Botox will freeze the muscles, but it will not nourish nor improve the skin quality. Fillers will lift and fill the skin, but they don't do anything for pigmentation, large pores and the overall health of the skin.
Through proven case studies, Cocoon have found that a combination of high technology treatments will improve the skin over time from - RF microneedling, skin tightening, 3D Laser rejuvenation, Platlet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Dermapen together with supplementary treatments such as Diamond Microdermabrasion for exfoliation and Mesotherapy to infuse vitamins and nutrients into the skin. Together with detox and wellness treatments, these treatments will make a huge difference in the long term to skin and body.
There are no miracle treatments or technologies, long term anti-aging is all about continued maintenance through the above combinations.
So, what are the options, take a look at what Cocoon call their NAKED SKIN PACKAGES with a focus on perfecting your skin. A rundown on some popular treatments are -
Includes Microdermabrasion to exfoliate, Dermapen for deep skin rejuvenation, a treatment called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy made from your own blood for repairing & stimulating collegen production which ultimately leads to healing the skin, and LED to activate collagen levels.
A great treatment to give you a start are the Cleopatra 24 Carat Gold Facial Packages – Diamond Microdermabrasion + LED Red Light therapy plus a Gold Collagen Mask after which a 24 Carat Gold Hyaluronic Acid Serum is applied and a moisturiser to match.
Just a few words about Dermapen and Microneedling, they sound like what they are, teeny little needles pricking the skin, but the outcome far outways the tingling sensation that your skin will feel. These types of treatment will get down and activate collagen renewal (it’s the collagen that needs to be bought alive thus renewal of skin cells) which is what we all want for that glowing, hydrated skin.
There’s a popular treatment called Fractional Laser for pigmentation and sun damage, a course of these treatments is the only way you are going to revitalise your skin and that pigmentation marks will fade in time. Hightly important that you wear your 50% sun screen protection cream, forever!
A unique feature at Cocoon is their Salt Room made up of wall to wall blocks of imported Himalayan salt! Salt therapy is also called Halotherapy, a holistic method of inhaling the salt vapor to treat respiratory ailments, skin irritations and can assist in mental lethargy.
Despite all the tatoo decoration we see on bodies, there are some who are tying to get rid of theirs! Laser tattoo removal is the solution, not instant but will provide the only way out, eventually!
Good health will always show the glow on your face, there are a number of Detox treatments for consideration, these and other treatments are outlined for explaination on their easy to follow website.
Cocoon Medical Spa hasn’t forgotten the man either, his skin is as important as yours. Mens rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments include much the same as for women.
A very nice touch after any treatment is the offer of refreshments from a popular restaurant in Seminyak. On a wooden tray beautifully set out are a few vegetarian rice paper rolls, fruit & other delicious concoctions with accompanients + ginger tea & aqua?
Another important procedure that has been set in motion is their excellent online booking system in order that you keep your appointment and a follow up for post treatment care.
It’s these little touches provided at Cocoon Medical Spa that gives you confidence, makes you feel special and demonstrates their business professionalism!

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T:?081 1388 2240 ?or 0361 847 5997 ?