Hobo for your home!

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HOBO – take a look at some exceptional and modern styled product, a true celebration of Indonesia's artists & artisans, products are 100% authentic, unique & totally original!

Well, a very different store is HOBO. Overall this store is ‘beachy’ in a fresh way, color tones are a soft mix of white, cremes, greys & soft pastels with a dash of black although I hear, there's a load of color introduction soon, so plenty of options abound.

So what does HOBO offer? – firstly, a sort of chaotic scene hits you, not in color but decorative design, love the floor of polished grey concrete which display a graphic modern pattern in white, clever! Moving in further, pattern/design captures the eye, you don't know where to look first, so careful does it, take in each clustered scene of product positioned in every direction. A plethora of patterns abound; on fixtures & fittings, painted wooden furniture, embellished mirror frames, metal wall art, numerous candle options on metal stands, old school chairs dressed in Javanese batik to colonial 1940's vintage furniture & rattan topped occasional tables.

Seems to be that everyone loves the fabulous terracotta hand-molded vessels/urns/platters with unusual finishes, loads of reclaimed teak, basketwork & recycled glass along with a multitude of offering boxes, some stenciled & others wrapped in colorful ribbons.

Some super hanging lamps, bamboo, embellished metal + a clever dome shaped light that is actually a collage of colorful wrapping paper + pencils!

Glass candle holders covered with sweet crochet covers, photo frames have been treated with a selection of authentic batik fabric, plus there are all manner of objects/vases with coverings and other treatment of seagrass & bamboo. The texture & pattern on pattern is so well done, for many it would be unthinkable and yet what the store does is spell out what can be done, like fashion, there are no bars, anything & everything goes these days, this is a store to provide total excitement for your creative visual senses so take a few pieces away with you to add to your home collection & am sure they will add a whole new dimension to your home interior.

Definitely a lifestyle store in the newest sense, which introduces a cleverly orchestrated mix of product crafted by artisans for the Bali market & no doubt, headed for international acclaim!

HOBO! Brings us a whole new style in home creativity.

Jl Raya Kerobokan, 105, Kerobokan.
Jl Raya Dewi Sri (near Kody & Ko) Seminyak
T: +62 0361 733 369
W: www.thebobostore.com