An inspirational store for Scandinavian style wood product

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SELECTED – Home Accessories & Furnishing, where only the best will do! This store offers a definite Scandanavian style which denotes clean modern design, minimalism at it's best.
The dream of having his own store has come to fruition for owner Garry who spent a number of years working in Germany. SELECTED use natural organic materials crafted, cutting edge items that will easily sit with what you currently have at home. Simple Stylish!

Taking pride of place in store are some large shaped vessels made from a mix of earthenware & metal washed in tones of turquoise/tan or black/tan, wonderful items for 'any home look' to use simply as an objet or perhaps for a selection of florals/sticks.

From the smart teak table that holds center court, a mix of horn utensils are on display including a horn cup which can opt as a candle holder. A line up of wooden teak blocks where candles sit with sanded glass protectors atop (this sanded/frosted look won't show up fingerprints!) Teak stools in a variety of shapes, fat legged ones with cowhide leather seats, a clever terrazzo round stool with handles, low coffee tables & pouffs made from water hycinth.

A selection of well crafted leather pieces to be used for a myriad of purposes & all pieces have quality attachments. There's a box in three sizes made from matt black rubber (from the inside of car tyres!) along with the ultimate black leather weekender bag, excellent gift ideas for your guy.

Love the selection of rubbed-back natural teak platters/plates in a number of sizes plus bowls & dishes. Perfect to use for a tropical table setting with a difference, just add some banana leaf shapes to sit within each item before piling the food on top! Ebony & stone candle holders to the prefect hollowed-out teak piece to sit the obligatory orchid in! Outdoor dining occasion must-have's include collapsable teak/leather stools along with stylish citronella sticks to sit in garden beds or planters.

Using the origami technique, flat shaved pieces of bamboo natural or painted matt black have been crafted into hanging lamps, occasional baskets & waste paper bins, these Zen like items are attention grabbing – simple, modern, stark!

Looking at the teak wood pieces, some special treatment that has been used leaving the piece with an exceptional finish, each item is super smooth leaving the natural pattern exposed within the wood.

SELECTED – for a selection of product with a focus on clean sharp lines to include in your current mix of interior home furnishings.
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Address: Jl Raya Kerobokan 115, Br. Taman, Kerobokan
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