Jesse - Bali Villa

a great day out with jess!
"My husband and I have just recently made an investment in a villa and traveling back and forth from Singapore to Bali. Although I have made quite a bit of progress on where to shop and eat, I felt that I was only scratching a small part of the surface. In a sea of shops streets after streets, rows after rows, it can be quite easy to miss something or dismiss it because of it's "unattractive" front. That was the reason why I decided to engage a personal shopper. That's how I found Marilyn Forse - and she is a force to be reckoned with. After she came to my villa for a chat, we decided to get this going the next day. She came to my villa promptly to pick me up and I had a blast. Marilyn was able to take me to so many spots that I have missed or wouldn't have bothered. From high end stores with great quality products to made-to-order ones - just a whole range to choose from. She even introduced me to some of the owners which made it more interesting with a back story. We ended the day with a quick point-out while we were on the road so I could go on my own as the sun was setting fast.
All in all, I am even more excited about living in Bali now as I discover this magical place. A big thank you to Marilyn for being part of that discovery - I mean, which girl can live without some retail therapy no matter where she is, right? And Marilyn has certainly catered to my expectations and more. " - Jesse Wong-Adams