A Bali Sourcing client

beautiful rich fabrics, textiles, embroidery, silk. batik, ikat and songket.
A delightful lady from the States, she was after some high end
sarongs, scarves, wraps, of course we found enough...........
Following is a rather nice testimonial from Suzan such a delightful client!

"I give two thumbs up to my experience while retail sourcing in Bali with Marilyn. She had listened to my requests prior to my arrival and made appointments with excellent sources per my request.
I spent two days with Marilyn. She was extremely resourceful and was able to locate business owners and/or contacts as business opportunities unfolded during the visit.
Not only is Marilyn very business efficient as well as knowledgeable of retail sourcing in Bali but she is also quite a joy to spend a day with as one makes the rounds of appointments. We stopped for lunch or tea each day and I thoroughly enjoyed our refreshments and our casual conversations.
Kudos to Marilyn! I highly recommend enlisting her for your retail sourcing in Bali"