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Have you ever looked carefully at websites (particularly relating to fashion & home) then scroll down, usually to the side of the website, you will be completely amazed at the number of blog titles that are listed! And, once you start opening up a blog, you can then move into other blogs & you read & read, opening comments, photos, attachments & so, there you have, sit and sit, reading blogs - do you realize that you have spent almost the better part of a couple of hours/morning/afternoon at least, reading BLOGS?! They are so completely addictive & if you want a few good blog titles in the fashion & home interiors world, then I have ‘a number’ so send me a note!

Speaking about BLOGS though, they are an incredible source of information where many are written by skilled people working in any number of professions - some are written by regular folk, who just like to write and tell their story. Most blogs have plenty of photographs attached, many use their blog as a business & have incorporated business related advertisements. For these blogs with lots of interaction with the reader & advertisements attached, they can ‘grow’ (if you put the work into them) receive plenty of ‘hits’ so in awhile, one can be ‘top of the pops’ in terms of making a nice living out of their daily musings.

As a regular reader of blogs (particularly fashion & home) I note that the majority of writers are females, & for many, they all work in or have a great interest in fashion, interiors, design, photography, cooking & travel.

BLOGS & their associated websites are another form of magazine reading but now you have online magazines which are purely online (you won’t find them on a news stand or in a bookstore. Then you have commercial magazines & newspapers that also have their own online facility, in that you just read them via your computer without buying a single copy. You can actually subscribe (for a small sum)to an online company that specialize in offering the reader many of the best fashion/home magazines online, so easy, particularly when you can’t purchase certain magazines in Bali.

It’s a fascinating world to explore & very much part of the life we live in the world today. Take online shopping, it’s huge business now, all sorts of people are working in this area & not necessarily retailers either, but their skill is that of working with software & a computer, they are creating their own online websites enticing the viewer to buy & they are making sales!
Just how many of you have purchased product via

Blogs - makes for fascinating reading, you can learn, you can interact, you can buy, and you can spend a whole lot of time on the computer!