Sisters + sister in law

what else but shopping, these girls were serious shoppers in about every category, as usual plenty of laughs and chat, all had a good time.....
I just wanted to say what a wonderful day I had.  You worked out exactly what we wanted, the places you took us were just spot on, we had a fun day, and we experienced a whole lot more than I could have hoped for.
Lesa xx

Engaging Marilyn is a wise choice for a Bali visitor. From the get up and go she is professional, timely, and asks great questions to understand the experience a traveller wants from their Balinese visit... And you haven't even left the couch yet.

A day with Marilyn is organized yet flexible, fun yet things get done and she has a respectful and deep knowledge of the Balinese people and their culture which she generously shares.  By the end of the day you also have discovered her broad experience of fashion, decor, architecture and people.  
Your experience with Marilyn can be social, observational, sightseeing, experiential, fun, pampering, historical, cultural, culinary, shopping (furnishings, clothing, fabrics, garments made, creating a new personal look, cultural, artifacts, artisians) discovering hidden gems down country roads, lane ways, suburbia or the mountains.

She could easily be the 'the devine Ms M'

Ann, Gabrielle and Lesa  30.10.12