Ladies from Sydney!

shopping and fabulous finds, knows all the popular shops and places to explore and find what is hidden.
Delightful ladies that came to source some home 'fashionables' recently, once again plenty of laughs, and a most productive two days of uncovering some wonderful merchandise to send back home.

Brooke says -
Shopping with Marilyn was an Aladdin's Cave of fabulous finds. She not only knows all the best places to shop, but she's the queen of negotiating and knows just about everyone and everything there is to know on the island. Best of all, she's a great laugh, has boundless energy and can negotiate that little car of hers through the Bali traffic like a demon!. I can still hear her yelling: "Just close your eyes girls... we'll be there in a minute!" -

Brooke Bayvel (importer, manufacturer, shopping addict ;))

and, her friend Jane wrote -
"I first met Marilyn when I visited Bali 2 yrs ago and she took me on a fabulous half day shopping excursion.

Marilyn made sure she knew what style of product I was after and tailored
the experience to my taste and budget, which was perfect. She knows every nook & cranny of Bali and, when we were weary of shopping,
introduced me to some of the great cafes/restaurants as well.

I have just visited again and so much had changed that I thought it worth
another tour so she could show me the latest & greatest. There's nothing
like a bit of local knowledge to help you get the best out of a holiday!!"
Jane Kehoe - Sydney