A day of shopping & orientation with Wendy

A day out with Wendy in Bali. Shopping, house hunting, restaurants, art galleries.
Many requests I receive are from people that haven't visited Bali for years, like 20 years!

It's like starting all over again, so an orientation day out is the best way to get one's bearings -
interests may include; villas & houses to lease, some shopping, nurseries and garden centers, new restaurants, art galleries, where to get a good facial & hair cut, and the list goes on.......

Recent client Wendy wanted most of this list, and we did have a fabulous couple of days out on the road.

A very different place is what she saw, when Kuta was the only dot on the south side of the map!

Wendy wrote me "Thanks for two great orientation days out. I arrived ignorant and shall be returning with some idea of what it's all about"

It was a pleasure to meet you Wendy & look forward to your return....