Shopping day with Jo & Trin

A day out shopping with Marilyn
Yesterday was a 'stinking hot day' must have been 45C in the shade, no kidding!

Well despite the heat, both girls and I enjoyed the 'best day' out - we laughed and laughed, so can vouch to all that my shopping days are fun!

Jo is the shopaholic, however Trin is a self -confessed non-shopper, nevertheless curiosity got the better of her, so at the last minute she decided to come along for the ride, bet you are wondering if she did shop? with a resounding Yes!

Laden with bags & bags, we headed back to their villa at the end of the day for a well deserved G & T, mission completed!!

Jo the confirmed shopaholic has shopped with many a Personal Shopper before - in cities like Paris, New York and London and claims I offer a service, that is every bit professional as they, thanks girls, a lovely compliment!

Jo says "Marilyn made us feel relaxed & took us to many haunts that even I didn't know existed (and I visit Bali every year) we both spent a lot of money, it was great fun, and look forward to doing it all again"!!!