Shopping in Bali - A Curated Experience by your Personal Shopper!

A Bali Shopping Experience with your very own personal shopper, your stylist, a shopping companion where most can be completed in one day, if not two.... the traffic is bad!!

Marilyn takes delight in assisting you to discover the 'best of the best' in Bali shopping, not only the best of shops from the street but perhaps a visit to meet retail owners and clever Balinese artisans in their workshops.

A Bali shopping trip to suit the individual visitor, you, plus three girlfriends (four person max) is the best Bali day out!

An air-conditioned vehicle with an experienced driver is par for the course, a bottle of chilled aqua + cool towel, a running commentary on all the topics girls love to hear, shopping, beauty & hair salons, anti-aging clinics, dental for teeth whitening, manicures, pedicures & body treatments, all in Bali.
Of course, everyone wants to know about the best restaurants, new cafes, and if you feel like the best coffee & pastry, well, you have it all in Bali...

Bali's Personal Shopping Service came about after an extensive retail career and it seemed perfectly natural to set up a bespoke shopping service for the many visitors to the island...offering 'insider' knowledge on 'where to find' for the discerning shopper.

There is no doubt that visitors to Bali can be overwhelmed by the choice of stores on offer, there are literally hundreds!
Retail shopping in the south has grown far & wide and for many new visitors to the island it can be a daunting exercise.
This is where the Shopping Service in Bali comes into its own, assisting you to find the product you want.

Bali visitors often have limited time, if this is the case, leave your partner & children at poolside and come shopping with me.

A day out on the Bali Shopping trail will be like going out with your best friend & loads of fun too.

Start writing your Bali Shopping 'wish list' now!


My shopping trips are now designed for the serious shopper who are seeking better-end product.

Clients that still wish for the inexpensive can still find plenty in the shopping malls in Kuta & Legian & the markets dotted around everywhere!


1. Seminyak - An all day shopping trip visiting only the 'best of the best' shops with a focus on fashion for you....

FASHION: A simple cotton shift, a resort style kaftan, to the most intricately beaded gown, the scope defies description.
Clothing for women, men & children's in natural linens, cotton & silks in neutrals & vibrant colours.
And did you know? Bali has the best fashion fabric emporium in the Southern Hemisphere! if you wish to have a few items from your existing wardrobe copied, then be sure to bring along two garments for the tailor to copy....

ACCESSORIES & JEWELRY: Bali offers an exquisite collection of fashionable adornments, a varied collection from the classic to the eclectic, artisan jewelry, silver, beads to semi-precious stones.

LEATHER GOODS: Shoes, handbags, wallets, purses & belts (If you wish for a leather jacket, skirt or a good leather bag then bring along a sample with you to copy

2. An all day shopping trip with a focus on home product including interior & furnishing ideas, furniture, objects, antiques and giftware

HOME WARES: Gifts, tableware, wall art, lighting & candles, batik & textiles, designer fabric, linens for bedrooms, dining & bathroom products.

FURNITURE: Rustic wooden to cutting edge contemporary, art galleries, antiques & textiles.


On meeting you at your hotel / villa (9am) we have a short discussion on your proposed trip. We then hit the road for about three hours of look/shop with a refreshment/lunch break at a time to suit. Another three hours of look / shop before heading back to your villa/hotel approx. 5pm. No doubt tired but excited, knowing that you have enjoyed a great day out perhaps you are ready for a cup of tea or something a little stronger!

Depending on your wish list there are some off the beaten track places not widely known to the visitor that we can take in, time permitting.

I can also assist with names (as we drive along) for quality restaurants, the latest cafes, cooking classes, villas, hotels, gourmet stores, spas & salons, anti-aging & dental clinics, be sure to ask....

The cost of lunch will be in addition to the service fee (approx 45 mins - 1 hour) will be enjoyed at a venue selected to reflect the cosmopolitan lifestyle in Bali, affordable and where the food will be tasty!

Service charge: on application



Depending on what product you are looking for, Bali can offer any number of local artisans to visit.

However, it's Java that manufactures much of the product (i.e. furniture) that you see around Bali so unless you travel to Java, then it's a matter of relying on connections!
(of course it's knowing where the best factories/sources are located)

This is possible with the network I have, so you can benefit in locating product you want for your business along with paying realistic wholesale prices!

Product - furniture & home-wares along with product development.

This particular service in Bali may cover more than one day (depending on the brief & time to discuss potential orders for product) along with a follow-up service.

Cargo and freight issues from Bali will be on the agenda - a most important topic!

Price on application


As a potential buyer from overseas, if you wish to connect with retailers / manufacturers & wholesalers in Bali, do contact me!
it's the easiest way to obtain information, introductions, a detailed list, including appointments made!

Service fee on application



Having retail store names and connections at my fingertips it's rather easy to fill your home in Bali or overseas
(and to style it room by room for you too!)
Do send some specific guidelines along with images and budget, I can save you time and legwork!
Be it a traditional Indonesian house to a contemporary apartment and any kind of dwelling in between.....
Bali has an enormous range of product to suit your style......and if we don't have it, we can have it produced!
If it's furniture for a restaurant or cafe and if I don't know, then happy to pass your inquiry to the best contact for the job.

PLEASE NOTE - Prices in Bali have Risen Dramatically in the past 3/4 years and why should they stay the same?
every country has a price increase so why not Bali.....
I am writing about prices in general, but for local Balinese & other Indonesians, they expect to bargain, they love to bargain but be FAIR, remember they need to make a few Rupiah too, don't exploit locals please!


Information on - Cargo / Freight for the packing & shipping of your goods by experienced & reputable companies at competitive rates can be made available to you.


Retail Therapy Bali recommends that you travel with the appropriate insurance and accepts no liability for any losses, injuries or damages incurred while traveling on a shopping tour.


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