Welcome to Bali - Marilyn is the Name to Know


I arrive back to Bali in early June!

And back to business, not quite the same, but something a little different.

Welcome, to the World of the Artisan combining handmade traditional techniques with modern design.

It’s been an area close to my heart, and it’s also new ground where importantly you can still shop! And any sales we make, this much-needed money goes directly to the Artisan. It’s all about preserving heritage, protecting Artisans who have a story to tell as seen in their work. It’s giving the Artisan dignity & pride & creating economic value.

As most know Indonesia is well known for handmade craft (furniture, fashion & every product category in-between) Every Island offers a different style of craft, some islands (especially Bali) are fortunate to have enjoyed more exposure to international visitors from countries where local craft is revered,

And this world of today is changing fast! climate change is utmost in our thoughts, how we can clean up our lands & waterways, cut down on pollution (renewable energy is drawing closer) save our forests, save the animals, the list goes on; down to what we as a people can do close to home… many know all about de-cluttering your wardrobe and home. Unless you feel a passion for an item keep it, discard if you don’t.

There’s no doubt people are becoming more attuned to well made, individual pieces, that are highly desirable. There are any number of original & clever products with global polish, that have an element of sophistication, that’s if you know where to look!

My primary focus is to promote cultural diversity, by offering a stylish edit of handmade artisan craft to clients who are curious, requesting authentic designs with a modern twist.

I want you to have a meaningful & engaging experience when we go out & about. This is the perfect opportunity to be the inquisitive traveler that you are.
I love places where there are Artisans, where people work with their hands, it’s a magical feeling when you see a ball of clay and how it transforms into a beautiful bowl, vase, and platter.
It can be watching an experienced hand, draw wax onto a beautiful piece of silk, creating a breathless piece of wearable art.
Watch a piece of textile woven on a hand loom, from a finished work of art to throw over a sofa or bed.
Men working by hand with reclaimed teak producing pieces of stylish furniture with limited tools.

My Personal Shopping excursions continue, but with a focus on connecting you to the Artisans, the same for my Sourcing Services. There are always new haunts to discover,

I am always on the road of discovery and that’s the beauty of taking time out with me!